Melissa Tofsrud
"Pieter’s dedication to his clients is clear."

I started working with Pieter at Endorphin Junkies in September of 2013. I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking to achieve other than to gain strength and to get healthy after a serous low back injury from a few years before. What I achieved with Pieter’s and the EJ teams' help was much more than this!

Using his knowledge and attention to detail, he used his expertise to design me an individualized plan that involved phases of strength, endurance and muscle building that completely transformed my body in a little over a year. I’ve lost 10% body fat, and have added an extra 15 lbs of lean mass since starting my training. Pieter’s never-ending positive attitude towards my training has motivated me to strive for more than just being “fit”.

Strength training has become an integral part of my life. With Pieter’s guidance, I set a goal to compete in the Women’s Physique division of a local bodybuilding competition. He coached me with not only weight training, but provided invaluable nutritional direction. I competed for the first time in November of 2014, and placed First in my class.

Since starting with EJ, my body has not only changed, but my mindset in every aspect of my life has as well. Pieter’s dedication to his clients is clear, and directed. The moment you step into the gym, you feel as if you are part of a team. The camaraderie of the group training clients and trainers is an added bonus. The atmosphere is supportive, and extremely fun. I cannot thank Pieter and EJ enough for helping me along on my journey to wellness!

Melissa Before & After!
Melissa Before & After!
David Bentall
"...the best training, coaching and guidance..."

I have been training with the Endorphin Junkies team since 2002 and over the course of the last 12 years I have been able to set and achieve multiple performance goals and a whole new perspective on what working out and staying strong means to me and how important it is to maintain my lifestyle. Over the years I have gone from a middle of the pack water skier to 2 time Canadian Champion, Canadian National record holder and the world #1 seed in 2013. I have always been able to lean on Pieter and the EJ team for the best training, coaching and guidance that allowed me to stay virtually injury free throughout my skiing career while going from strength to strength in my sport. Thank you EJ for being in my corner and I'm looking forward to what's lying ahead.